Financial Planning Services

Our exclusive Financial Planning services provide effective, customizable support to corporate and individual clients by utilizing both traditional and alternative resources. Helping you to build your wealth lies at the heart of everything we do; this includes managing your obligations through tax-advantaged investment vehicles, and maintaining your accounts with a proactive servicing style.

The financial planning parameters behind every case are unique and that is why our advice goes far beyond identifying your optimum investments. As your wealth management partner, we understand the need to tailor your portfolio in a way that achieves the optimum balance between tax efficiency and risk. Furthermore, we engage with clients on a personal level to ensure that family and / or individual goals play an integral role in the planning process.

We are fully committed to your plans and to your right to make decisions based on what is best for your unique situation. Contact us for a no-obligation assessment today!

Life Insurance

Everyone knows that life insurance is important to protect the financial security of the people you love, but it can be confusing to know what you need, how much, and when you will need it.

Life insurance has to be adaptable to the changes in your life: buying a house, having a family, travelling, retirement all affect the amounts and types of insurance you need.

There are different sources of insurance: you may have personal life insurance and a plan from work, and your spouse may have a work plan as well. Credit card companies, mortgage companies, car loan companies all offer life insurance and disability insurance. They all sound like good deals, but can you be over insured?

We can help sort through this and other questions. We’ll ensure you and your family are well protected without overspending on plans that bring no extra benefit to you.

Tax Planning

  • Our tax planning services are designed to help you keep as much money as you legally can.
  • Most Canadians forget that we are legally entitled to arrange our affairs in a manner that is in our individual best interests.  We can help you do that, in fact this approach is built into our day to day services with our clients.
  • If you are an existing client and feel you would benefit from a review regarding your tax planning, remember that we’re happy to sit down with you at any time.
  • If you are considering Horizon Financial Group, a free tax planning review is an excellent place to understand how we can help.

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Structuring Tax Effective Income Streams

  • Income investors and retirees face a difficult tax environment. Not only do traditional income producing investments offer low yields, they are also subject to a heavy tax burden. Often, these income producing investments can result in the clawback of all, or a portion, of valuable government benefits such age Old Age Security.
  • Avoiding clawbacks takes more than simply creating tax credits-which reduce reported income, it requires active management of income generating investments, which can significantly reduce clawbacks and affect the way income is taxed.

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Health & Dental Benefits

As Canadians, we are fortunate to have one of the best healthcare systems in the world—but that doesn’t mean your provincial government provides you with all the healthcare coverage you need.

As levels of healthcare coverage are cut back, you may be left to pay for expenses such as:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Visits to the dentist
  • Eye exams
  • Paramedical services
  • Transportation by ambulance

Our enhanced healthcare plans can help protect you against these and other unexpected health and dental expenses.

We have many products designed to meet your healthcare coverage needs. Find out which is right for you.